Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Seche Vite dry fast top coat review

Thank God finals are finally over, and i can go back to posting more ;)  I was at the states last weekend, and our routine visit to walmart has brought me to find the cure for my nail chipping madnesss!! OMG i'm so glad that i found the Seche Vite dry fast top coat!!! I know this top coat has gotten a lot of hype, and i finally know why >:D  When i read on the back of the package, it says that "Seche Vite is unique in its application over wet nail polish".  i was a little skeptical and was worried that it will not only fail at that, but would also ruin the top coat by getting some of the color onto the brush.  So for my first nail i waited for like 30 seconds before applying it, and i realized that it really did not drag onto the nail polish underneath.  Then of course i got braver, and did it with less and less time in between for drying....and by my 10th nail, i have come to the conclusion that....this is magic in a bottle. o.o This top coat will now forever be my manicure-loving-nails's BFF

So to sum up, i have listed the likes and dislikes i have of this product :)
dries SUPER quick
High glossy finish
Brings out the true color of the nail polish
ABSOLUTE time saver
The right consistency, making it easy to apply

The smell is a little stronger compared to other nail polishes, but i certainly don't mind it...since i like the smell of sharpies anyway LOL *dun judge*
Pricy- i got this top coat for about 10 bucks us dollars, it is quite expensive compared to other top coats, but for the amazing results u get, i definitely think it's worth the investment!

Spring has made me fall in love with soft pastel colors again.  I find this minty green color is just perfection =)  Oh yea, the nails also remind me... happy belated Easter everyone!! :3