Saturday, 30 June 2012

Blog name changed!!

it's currently 2:30am right now, and i've finally finished and changed my website banner!!  I have to give big credits to my bf for helping me with this though, i just mostly gave out my ideas and he helped me finalize the good copy of the banner. The main purpose of this post is just to let u guys know that i have changed my blog title from my previous Nursing Station 9-3/4  to My Beauty PillI figured that this name rings more true to the content of my blog (which focuses mainly on beauty/make up related stuff) but at the same time is representative of me- a tiny little nurse that makes a living by giving people pills everyday... hence the name *my beauty pill* I like that it is simple yet meaningful.  Hope this won't cause you guys too much confusion.  Really sorry for any inconveniences caused~ I'm working on a new layout for my blog too, but in the mean time i hope u like the banner as much as i do!! ok i'm really getting sleepy now, time to go roll around in my stack of hay lol~ goodnite world :D

P.S all constructive feedback on the new banner is appreciated!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

love for cartilage earrings!

a couple of months ago, i went and re-pierced my cartilage.  (I had done it once before, but after i took out the earring after like 3 months, i was not able to put it back in after no matter how hard i tried!!T.T") anyway, when i went to get it pierced this time, i was only planning on getting one piercing on my left ear cartilage, but somehow there was a miscommunication between me and the piercing lady and she thought i wanted two...and i didn't want to argue with her since all her stuff were sterilized already.....anyway long story short, i ended up getting an extra piercing on my left earlobe (so i have a total of 3 on one my left side and 1 on the right side o.o") my poor lonely right ear~ but i guess i'm happy with the outcome, and since i can almost take off the piercings for the first time, i have been looking at different cartilage earrings :3  Here are a few pictures of my favorite ones that i have found so far.

ironically a lot of these ones that i really like actually do not require a piercing on the cartilage, as it just cuffs on...but hey they are still prettyyyyy~~ and are perfect for anyone that doesn't have cartilage piercings but want to achieve that look ;)  but there are a few that i like that are actual earrings for the cartilage too :)

These are all of my findings so far~ where are your favorite places to get your earrings? leave me a comment and let me know! share the love!! :) until next time my pretties! ciao~*

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

first blog award yay :D

hey my lovely readers! a couple of days ago, i was very honored to be nominated by Liz Chewy of Every Little Thing for the versatile blogger award or the one lovely blog award.  This may seem like nothing for a lot of people, but it really means a lot to me- a blogger that is still quite green to the blogging community.  The gesture means more than anything else in the world, and really shows the support and love other bloggers have around you.  So I would like to thank ms.lizchewy for the nomination! (。・ω・。)ノ♡  So if i were to choose one award to accept, i would pick the *one lovely blog award* just cuz i don`t think my blog is versatile enough yet, given that i don`t think i have that many postings^^" (but i'm working on it i promise!)  So, according to Liz Chewy's post, i have to write 7 random facts about myself, and then nominate 15 (but i'm going to pick 10 cuz i don't have too many followers at the moment lol) other bloggers that are rather new to the blogging world.  hmm this is gonna be interesting...let's see...

Fact #1
i have a dog named floppy, she's a shiba inu.  i've always been really interested in the breed for as long as i can remember.  I really did not remember when i started liking them, but now that i have this little dog/cat/fox in my life, my life feels a tad more content :3

Fact #2
Speaking of animals, i have this thing for alpacas.  They are like a smaller a version of a llama.  They are close cousins, but they do have their differences.  I'm not going to go into the details about how different they are, but look how FLUFFY :333

Fact #3
I used to be obsessed with Sailor Moon.  I think i have watched every single episode up until the sailor star series? and my sister, my cousin and i even came up with our own "sailor scouts" we named ourselves the raining girls HAHA i don't even know why i'm saying this, cuz it's totally embarrassing.  but we made our own wands and attacks and everything LOL! k shh i know boys pretended to be dragon ball/power rangers too.

Fact #4
i love eating anything that is in the form of noodles...pastas/ramen/vermicelli/udon u name it.  I can probably survive on them for the rest of eternity.

as skinny and short as i am, i took all the levels in swimming right up until the level where u have to finish in order to be a lifeguard.  I didn't want to continue on down that path because i was like 14 when i finished all the levels, and i would probably drown myself trying to keep a 200lb man's head above the water -__-"  The only reason i took all the levels was because it helped improve my asthma, which i'm really glad for.

I didn't wear any make up until i was in my later years of college.  I think what really got me going are youtube beauty gurus.  They are really such an inspiration for many young girls around the world~
I secretly really want to dye my hair cotton candy pink!! but i would never have enough courage to, and it would just need constant maintenance (which wouldn't happen because i'm so darn lazy)

ok, now on with the nominations...i picked from my followers the 10 relatively new bloggers.  Go check them out, show some love

Friday, 1 June 2012

my six scents ✿

naww i joke, i don't have a sixth sense, just trying to be punny here. *coughcough* anywayyy, moving on... what i actually intend to post (as u can probably already figure out by my punniness) are my top 6 perfume picks of all time :D

6.Harajuku Lovers- Love
Words to describe this scent: girly, floral, sweet
Besides the cute packaging, i actually do like the smell of this perfume.  I was pleasantly surprised by this one in particular, because i really did not like the other four in this series...especially the baby one @@~ The love perfume has a very floral and fruity scent, but at the same time not overly sweet.  It's a scent more suitable for a sunny day in the spring as it has notes of rose, peach, pink pomelo, Ylang Ylang, Watery Peony, bamboo leaf and jasmine just to highlight a few~

5. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline 
words to describe this scent: clean, fresh, sexy, feminine
a classier and more elegant smell that i find may be more suitable for the ladies that work in an office.  It is very feminine and sexy, but at the same time would not be overly seductive to scream out "come hither" to the boys.  Light enough to wear as an everyday scent, i laikee <3 but one downside to this though, is the packaging. i know it looks really unique and everything, but it took me forever to open!! (well maybe this only happens with the sample size that i got) and when it did finally open it, it broke my nail FML T.T"

4. Dior Addict to Life
Words to describe this scent: light, rosy, sparkling
I have never tried any perfumes by dior before, but my friend gave this one to me as a birthday present and i absolutely love it! It  is a combination of some of my favorites scents in this bottle!!  With top notes like peach and pomegranate, mid notes of rose, jasmine and lily and base notes of cedar and white musk.  It just smells so pleasant and makes u wanna be around that person when they have it on.  A definite win for this one :D

3.  Versace Bright Crystal
Words to describe this scent: fresh, fruity, airy
I am a big fan of scents that aren't overpowering, but instead just strong enough that u can smell it when u walk past someone.  This one is a perfect example.  It has a very subtle, yet fresh and sweet smell to it.  I especially love the notes of lotus flower and pomegranate!  very suitable for everyday wear~

2.  DKNY Be Delicious
Words to describe this scent: fruity, crisp, zingy, fresh
ok first of all, the packaging is so cute!! the apple shaped bottle is really suitable for the perfume. I got this one a while back, but up until today, i still cannot get over how awesome this perfume smells.  It really does smell like a granny smith apple, but just perfumized...i know that`s not a word, but u get the gist.  there`s something about this scent that gets me smiling and thinking that i'm sitting under a beautiful apple tree every time i smell it.

1.  D&G Rose the one
words to describe this scent: romantic, rose, sweet, flirty
This perfume was one of the samplers that i got from the *samplers for her* edition from sephora.  The sampler came with a voucher that allowed u to redeem a full size bottle of the perfume of ur choice.  After thinking long and hard, i finally decided that this one would be the winner over the 8 other samples that were also included.  The sweet yet non-overpowering scent of roses and pink grapefruit makes this one a perfect choice for a date night, or just an evening out with friends. 

I`m always interested to know what other people's perfume picks are.  Feel free to leave me comments and let me know what ur top picks would be :D  but just a good as they smell, perfumes do not replace showers!  the worst smell in the world is when someone leaves the gym all sweaty but decides to skip shower and cover the smell with a crap load of strong perfume. oh dear lord.... so please, stay hygienic everyone =)