Sunday, 18 March 2012

The best and worst horror movies

Besides beauty and make up and all that jazz, horror movies are also my thing >:3  My last trip to the movies was to watch another horror movie (what else is new) called Silent House.  From the trailer, i did have pretty high expectations for this movie.  They were pretty successful in building up suspense, but then the weird ending totally killed it for me.  Anyway, this movie is not the main point of this post, but it did trigger me to write down a few of my favorite and least favorite horror movies of my many that i have watched in the past >:p

Before i go on, for those who r not in the mood for something scary, and wanna be in a happier place, go visit my tumblr.  No ghosts and goblins there i promise ;D

Top 3 horror movies:

3. The Shining-  in third place, i picked a classic one.  I think Jack Nicholson did such a good job, just looking at his face is scary enough @@"~  REDRUM REDRUM REDRUMMM

2.  Paranormal Activity 3-  I've been a big fan of the 2 previous PA movies.  I like them because they are the type of movie that plays with your mind.  Since the setting is so common, it makes you wonder if these things are actually happening in my own house when u're sleeping?!  The reason i picked the 3rd one in the sequel is because this time, the cameras are angled really well and they MOVE.  Great way of creating suspense.  Three thumbs up for this one :D

1.  13 Ghosts -  And in first place is thirteen ghosts!! Ok i admit that the story line is not particularly scary, but its new and interesting.  I think the glass house setting and the special effects of the "13 ghosts" are just totally awesome.  Speaking of special effects make up, I've recently been hooked onto the show Face Off.  It's a reality show that challenges different special effects makeup artists to put out their best work and compete against each other.  If they fail then they will hafta face elimination DUNDUNDUNnnn.  This show is so innovative and makes me appreciate the  monsters/ghosts/aliens in the movies SO much more.  The Jackal in this movie is a perfect example.  It's so disturbing and chilling but that's what makes it so AWESOME >:D

Worst 3 horror movies:
ok now for the not so good ones, i'm not even going to put up the trailer because just thinking about it again just makes me wanna puke (well i guess just the no.1 movie...)

3.  Snakes on a Plane- ok even the name is super cheesy, i don't know how i ended up watching it.  But if any of u that have not, keep that smart move and stay away from this movie.  Total waste of time o.o"

 2.  Bride of Chucky-  as if one killing doll isn't messed up enough, chucky finds a wife!! r u fo real?! *o* if u have read my get your freak on tag post earlier, you will know that i have a slight phobia of dolls...i guess that makes me a tiny bit biased, but even if i weren't scared of them, i would not recommend this movie cuz of the unoriginal story line and the unappealing effects.  Sitting through this movie was a total torture @@~

1.  The Human Centipede-  pleaseeeeee stay away from this movie....unless you are in the mood to totally gross yourself out.  I don't get grossed out easily, even if it's a lot of blood and gore, but for this movie, i literally could not sleep for 2 nights after watching it.  This movie is not bloody at all, but it's the twisted concept that is so freaking disturbing.  Ok let's say no more...if i really were a centipede, i would have 100 hands down and vote no for this movie.

what's your favorite scary movie?

Friday, 9 March 2012

Deborah Lippmann nail polish review

hi sweet potato pies! i'm here today to go crazy about the Deborah Lippmann nail polishes.  Whenever i go for short day trips to the states and pass by Nordstrom, I always get fascinated by the unique colors that Deborah Lippmann comes out with, but  I've never considered buying them before because they are a bit too expensive....well fine not a bit, but really expensive for a bottle of nail polish.  Typically, they retail for about $16-20 USD.  But since they were having a set of three on sale for around 40 dollars, so i jumped at the good deal and bought my first ever purchase of Deborah Lippmann nail polishes. 
The set includes (from right to left) Naked- a nude beige color.  Don't Tell Mama- a very dark mood ring green color, with a greenish blue metallic undertone. and lastly, Across the universe- a sheer navy blue color with huge amount of big green and blue glitter.  Seriously, this nail polish is the prettiest nail polish i've ever seen in my entire life!! after i put it on, i would not be able to stop staring at my nails o.O"
Naked- nothing too special about this one, but its a very good color for every day wear or as a base color with a sheer glitter nail polish over top of it.  Smooth and easy application and dries super quick :)

Don't Tell Mama-  After applying this on your nails, it almost appears black.  It's super opaque, but you can only see the greenish blue metallic undertone under the light.
Across the Universe- words cannot describe how much i LOVE this nail polish!!! This is not like one of those nail polishes that look really pigmented in the bottle, but turn out to be super sheer and watery.  In the case of this one...WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET <3  It dries to a gel like finish, and even 2 coats is going to make it look quite pigmented and form a gel nail like appearance.  Because of this nail polish, i might consider trying more of Deborah Lippmann's glitter nail polishes ★==
Here's a swatch of Don't Tell Mama and Across the Universe.  (from left to right this time ^^")  Don't tell mama, Across the Universe and the last one is a combination of the two.  Omg i love this combination, really does make your nails actually look like the universe 
The combination is so pretty that i painted all of my nails this color after i finished swatching :D  But the only bad thing about this polish is that it's a pain in the ass to take off.  I guess this goes for all glitter polishes, so i will put up with it >:/ OK time to confess again, while i was picking up this set, i couldn't resist and bought one more even though it was not on sale ARGH. omg wallet damage.  But this one is just irresistible...i mean look at it!!!
This one is called Boom Boom Pow.  It's packed with gold glitter and apparently it contains 24KG gold dust.  Like across the universe, this one is very opaque too, and it just takes about 2 coats to get the effect as seen on the bottle!!  But since it contains 24kg gold flecks, i choose to use it sparingly LOL.  I would apply this over Naked and the results are still just as amazing.  I don't have any more blank nails to swatch for you, but i swatched it on paper for you, hopefully it will give you an idea of what they look like.
On the left is boom boom pow, and on the right is naked with boom boom pow on top of it! Very glamorous effect <3  I think i'm kinda in love with these, so stay tuned for more reviews :3

Disclaimer: products mentioned are bought with my own hard earned money.  All are my honest opinions based on my experience with the products.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Confessions of a candleholic

I have always been a tiny bit addicted to scented candles.  Besides the millions of colors and scents that you can choose from, there's just something about a flickering flame that is so romantic, girly and HYPNOTIZING.  i swear if you dim the lights in a room and light a single candle, i can probably stare at the flame for like 10 hrs and wouldn't even need to pee or anything lol.  Bath & Body works has always been one of my happy places because there are just sooo many different candles you can choose from.   Besides their staple candles that they have year round, they also have limited edition candles that come out every season, so there are constantly new scents that you can try out.  During my recent visit there, they were having a 2 for $25 sale for the 14.5oz 3 wick candles (originally $22.50 each), so i hauled two new ones from their spring collection ♡-
First Bloom- i think this one is one of my favorites out of the many candles that i have tried from Bath & Body Works in the past.  I'm very much into scents that are more clean and fresh instead of something super rich, overly sweet and heavy @@" and this one does exactly just that for me.  I'm not the best at describing scents, so here is a description directly from their website-  "Like the first tender blooms in the garden, a delicate blend dewy pear, peony petals and water lotus with sweet apple blossom."  They are pretty accurate with their description, and i think First Bloom is just the perfect title for it.  It's the scent you smell when you first walk out of your house after a spring shower, and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and snow white is singing to get her animals to help her with her spring cleaning >:D

White Palm- this one smells like a tropical white sanded beach in a 14.5oz container.  Again, it has a very mild scent of the sweetness, but you can mostly smell the freshness from the palm leaves, which i love!  Here is what they say- "An exotic blend of white palm leaves, dewy greens and peach blossom with a touch of vanilla." omg i wish you could scratch and sniff your computer monitor right NAO, but please don't... I dun wanna be the reason for you to have to buy a new monitor XD

So i'm very happy with my purchase, and will be returning mega soon to stock up on a couple more before the deal is over or the spring candles are discontinued. :)  While we are on the topic of candles, i always imagine that when i have my wedding, it would be in a room that has windows all the way from the ceiling to the floor that looks out into the ocean, WITH candles somehow hanging down from the ceiling all over the room (just like that scene from harry potter when they are in the dining hall) OR, we would light giant lanterns that have our blessings written all over them and send them into the sky during sunset.  Oh em gee, i think that's enough fantasizing and daydreaming for today.  But to imagine, it would be like a scene from tangled when they all released their lanterns into the sky in search for rapunzle ♡

Here is that scene i was talking about, along with my favorite song from the movie.  I've replayed this video a gazillion times, but each time its still so touching :'3  Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do~!