Thursday, 1 March 2012

Confessions of a candleholic

I have always been a tiny bit addicted to scented candles.  Besides the millions of colors and scents that you can choose from, there's just something about a flickering flame that is so romantic, girly and HYPNOTIZING.  i swear if you dim the lights in a room and light a single candle, i can probably stare at the flame for like 10 hrs and wouldn't even need to pee or anything lol.  Bath & Body works has always been one of my happy places because there are just sooo many different candles you can choose from.   Besides their staple candles that they have year round, they also have limited edition candles that come out every season, so there are constantly new scents that you can try out.  During my recent visit there, they were having a 2 for $25 sale for the 14.5oz 3 wick candles (originally $22.50 each), so i hauled two new ones from their spring collection ♡-
First Bloom- i think this one is one of my favorites out of the many candles that i have tried from Bath & Body Works in the past.  I'm very much into scents that are more clean and fresh instead of something super rich, overly sweet and heavy @@" and this one does exactly just that for me.  I'm not the best at describing scents, so here is a description directly from their website-  "Like the first tender blooms in the garden, a delicate blend dewy pear, peony petals and water lotus with sweet apple blossom."  They are pretty accurate with their description, and i think First Bloom is just the perfect title for it.  It's the scent you smell when you first walk out of your house after a spring shower, and the sun is shining and the birds are chirping and snow white is singing to get her animals to help her with her spring cleaning >:D

White Palm- this one smells like a tropical white sanded beach in a 14.5oz container.  Again, it has a very mild scent of the sweetness, but you can mostly smell the freshness from the palm leaves, which i love!  Here is what they say- "An exotic blend of white palm leaves, dewy greens and peach blossom with a touch of vanilla." omg i wish you could scratch and sniff your computer monitor right NAO, but please don't... I dun wanna be the reason for you to have to buy a new monitor XD

So i'm very happy with my purchase, and will be returning mega soon to stock up on a couple more before the deal is over or the spring candles are discontinued. :)  While we are on the topic of candles, i always imagine that when i have my wedding, it would be in a room that has windows all the way from the ceiling to the floor that looks out into the ocean, WITH candles somehow hanging down from the ceiling all over the room (just like that scene from harry potter when they are in the dining hall) OR, we would light giant lanterns that have our blessings written all over them and send them into the sky during sunset.  Oh em gee, i think that's enough fantasizing and daydreaming for today.  But to imagine, it would be like a scene from tangled when they all released their lanterns into the sky in search for rapunzle ♡

Here is that scene i was talking about, along with my favorite song from the movie.  I've replayed this video a gazillion times, but each time its still so touching :'3  Hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do~!


  1. Ooomg. I can't believe I am not alone anymore with my obsession with scented candles...

    My room is never complete with a scented candle in the room.
    Atm I have a fresh minty vanilla thing in my room. And I agree! Those heavy mellow scents are way too much.
    But those light fresh ones with a subtle sweet smell are the bessstt! And idk why but I sleep better when my room smells like the candle... XD

    And can I be invited to your wedding? It sounds like it would be amazing! And full with magic! *-* And tangled was the so awesome with the floating lanters... although the constant singing almost drove me nuts. XD

    1. yea love love lovee candles! when you are lighting one, it's almost like an at home spa :D Glad u like them too, my sister thinks i'm a bit weird haha~

  2. Awe hai Cherry! Nice blog :3

    Candles help me relax but I get nervous if I fall asleep with one lit cause I'm always afraid it'll catch on fire and burn the house down.. lol. Have you tried lighting candles everywhere while taking a bath?! Should try it if you havent. It's one of the most epic experiences ever :3

    I think I'm going to download TANGLED now.. lol I've heard good things about that movie but never had time to check it out.

    Anyway, just dropping by to say hai and happy blogging <3

    1. hey Vernice!! thanks for dropping by <3

      I never keep my candles lit over night too, cuz yea i will become too paranoid about it burning the house down as well XD i've always really wanted to try that epic bath experience you were talking about, but i'm just too lazy to go and scrub down my bathtub (turned dirty laundry basket lol) hmm i really should do that one of these days o.o. and yes you should go and watch tangled!! it's so goood, one of the better animated movies in the recent years :D Tell me if u liked the movie ok :3