Monday, 27 February 2012

lush catastrophe cosmetic face mask review

After having 2 exams in 3 days, major damage control is needed for my skin.  It`s ironic that studying about brain cells can kill off so many of my own brain cells. no joke :@ With my lack of sleep and the stress of cramming for exams, my skin had gotten really dull and tired looking.  For that i have turned to the lush catastrophe cosmetic face mask.  I usually like to do this mask (or any other mask for that matter) after using the conair spa face steamer.  This helps to open up the pores and draw out any gross dirt and impurities and makes ur skin soft like a freshly peeled hard boiled egg :3  This also helps to enhance the effectiveness of the masks and products that you are going to use afterwards :D  so anyway, back to the mask.  This blueberry infused mask claims that "the blue bulbs are packed with vitamins, with a gentle calamine base to cleanse the skin without stripping it of it's natural oils."  For a quick go to mask, I felt that this mask did a reasonable job in deep cleansing my skin as it did look less irritated and felt fresher afterwards.  But like most other face masks,  the effects only lasted for like less than a day or so.  I suggest to use these before going to bed when you have a special event or date the next will definitely feel a difference when you wake up the next morning ;)

The smell- smells like freshly ground blueberries...and a hint of black current?
Deep cleaning effect- love the cool tingly feeling as the mask hardens.
Makes skin smoother
Matifies skin
Reduces redness

Messy application- thick and hard to apply. drags on the skit a bit. careful. dun go near your delicate eye areas!
Ash like fall out after the mask dries - do not touch your face as the mask dries, you will get white ash all over ur clothes like you have dandruff @@~
Short shelf life- all the ingredients are natural and freshly made, therefore do not last that long.
Hard to get a hold of-  Since these masks are always made fresh, they are not available for sale on their website and they only come to the store like once a week.  And every time they are sold out within like a couple of days.  So if you want to look for a specific mask, like this one, its better to call and check with your local lush stores before u go in all excited and just end up with disappointment.

To sum up, the likes > the dislikes, and i did enjoy this mask as a treat for my post-examified skin, but it's not something that i absolutely LOVE and would rave about.  When i go to lush next time, i would much rather look into the other face masks that i haven't tried, because i am still just new to the lush brand but am totally intrigued by just how fresh and organic all their masks are.  and o yea remember to keep all your black tubs after u finish your masks because if u bring back 5 black pots, lush will give you the 6th one free!! hell yea, now who doesn't love free shit <3

Disclaimer: products mentioned are bought with my own hard earned money.  All are my honest opinions based on my experience with the products.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog while browsing a friend's blog, and I already love yours! You have a very fluent writing style and I always wondered about the Lush products.

    I recently started buying stuff from the bodyshop, and I totally fell for that whole organic thing. I also wanted to check things out made by lush, but they are kinda more expensive and i didn't want to just randomly buy something I have no clue about, so thanks! And keep em coming! x3

    1. Thanks for liking my review! I'm actually pretty new to the Lush brand too. i actually used to not even be able to go INSIDE the store, but after hearing some good reviews, i decided to give it a try and i'm pretty glad i did. I will continue to try some different products from them and write reviews as i go. So thanks for your support! you're very sweet =)

  2. Oh, I'm a fellow Lush addict! I bought this face mask last month and my experience was completely different to yours. It really made me break out constantly so I had to change to another face mask. Are you going to try any of the other face masks?

    Also, welcome to the big, scary world of blogging! ...Okay it's not that scary. If you need any help with anything at all please feel free to drop me an e-mail at as I would be more than happy to give you a hand!

    1. Hi! i'm sorry to hear that the mask didn't work out for u. It's weird how different people's skin can be eh. But i am planning on trying some of their other masks too. I will write more reviews in the future. Thanks for offering to help, i will check out your blog too =)

  3. omg.. I love berries! I would probably go crazy sniffing everything if Lush was available here

    1. yea some of the lush products do smell really good, but sometimes the scent in the store can just be totally overpowering. haha~