Thursday, 16 February 2012

Strawberry filled 2.14.12

Hello my pretties!  Hope this past valentine's day was a loved filled one that u got to spend with ur friends, family and other half.  As promised from my last post, i said that i will post pictures from my attempt to make cheesecake stuffed chocolate covered strawberries.  So i thought that they turned out to be pretty damn good as i could not resist eating a few of them myself as i was dipping the fat, juicy strawberries in the warm melted hershey's milk chocolate :999999  The only part that i kinda struggled with was drizzling the white chocolate over top.  This was partly because i did not buy the correct white chocolate.  Since i was so last minute getting the ingredients (cuz i wanted the strawberries to be as fresh as possible) they were pretty much sold out of the white chocolate, so i had to settle for the white toblerone that had small pieces of nougats in it.  It got clumpy quite fast while drizzling the white chocolate over top.  Even though my kitchen turned into a war zone after, the end result was totally worth it, and i will definitely be making more of these lil babies in the near future :D

Here is a close up of the end product.  So easy, yet it tastes just a wee bit like heaven.  I have the biggest urge to run out and buy more strawberries now >:D  Oh and apparently for this year's valentine's the theme did actually turn into a full blown strawberry themed one, cuz my boyfriend also happened to make a strawberry shortcake for me as a present.  I was pretty surprised and really did appreciate his efforts, even though he probably got some sort of assistance from this sisters *coughcough*  insert picture below:

Also, this year i did originally get him a vday card, but later i decided that it would make perfect sense to fold a strawberry origami and write him a little note on the inside of it (the one stuck to the box of the first picture above)  This way, it adds fun to the present and u also get to save money!!!

ok. as much as i love them, ENOUGH strawberries already.
  My blog is going to be flooded of strawberries, so i promise that i am not going to be posting anything more on them, at least for the next little bit.  OK enough romantic and mushy stuff, back to studying about the brain and the grey matter....well, guess that's a different kind of mushy lol >:P


  1. WOW I can't believe Kelvin made that cake! even those his sister helped him? lol* aww you guys are so sweet. and I think you are doing such a great job with blogging so far! by the way you should include labels in your posts :D

    1. Thank u nana for always giving me awesome blogging tips! i'm still such a noob lol~

  2. oh maan, i want some. those look so good!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
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