Thursday, 24 May 2012

K-palette 1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliners review

Every girl needs a good quality black eyeliner in their makeup bag~ one that is willing to stay on our eyes through important moments of our lives without smudging and making us look like kung fu pandas.  The K-palette 1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliners are able to do just that.  i have been wanting to try these for a while now, but since they are quite hard to get a hold of in canada, and rather pricy, i decide to put it off. This is until my dearest cousin NANA came back from japan last summer and was nice enough to help get it for me :3 i asked her to help me get both the pencil and liquid versions of them and have been using them on most days that I feel like putting make up on~

Looking back, I found that I used the liquid liner more just because it allowed me to make very fine, precise lines.  Especially when i wanted go for the winged liner look~ It's also really good at staying put for the entire day.  But the downside is that it is just not quite as black as i want it to be, and also dries out quite quickly.  (I have been using this a lesser amount of time compared to my stila liquid liner, but that one is still going strong.)  On the other hand, the pencil liner really lives up to its name and does not budge after u apply it.  This can definitely be a good and bad thing.  The advantage is pretty obvious, but it can be a bad thing because it makes it hard to achieve the smokey eye look cuz it just wouldn't smudge.  The pencil liner is also quite water proof, as u can see from the picture below:

pencil on the left and liquid on the right~ The liquid does not come out that thick i promise, it's just because it is almost drying out that i had to draw harder on my hand...the actual thickness is about 1/4 of that line i drew above. sorry for it being a bit misleading ^^"

and thennnnnnnn after some epic rubbing on my hand...

So as you can see the pencil one totally outlasted the liquid one~  They are both good eyeliners in my opinion, but just make sure u have a good eye make up remover to go along with these, or else it would take a while before they would come off.~ over all i would give these eyeliners a 8.5/10 and would definitely repurchase if i could get my hands on them! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

Thursday, 10 May 2012

7 year itch? Then scratch it

Yesterday was my 7th anniversary with my bf. i just wanna write a short post to acknowledge this milestone in our relationship. I admit that not everyday is rainbows and unicorns flying in the sky, but the fact that we r still willing to put in the effort to make these moments happen is already pretty damn incredible. No one knows what will happen in the future and if we will really end up getting married, but I have faith and know for a fact that there r still things from this list I want to do with u and lots more :3

For dinner yesterday, we went to this Italian restaurant called Italian kitchen.  We ordered the calamari, carpaccio pizza and the linguini carbonara.  I would rate the food 7/10 ~ i really liked the pasta, but calamari and pizza was just so-so.  but the ambiance was not all that great, since it was SO loud there that we couldn't even hear what we were saying to each other.  i would not recommend it if you are looking for somewhere romantic or trying to score with a girl on a first date or sth haha~ Here r some of the pics that we took yesterday, pls excuse the bad quality of the photos cuz i forgot to take my camera with me yesterday.  Lazy little me always leaves things till the last min, and end up rushing and forgetting to bring everything  ヽ(。_°)ノ


For this year's gift, i got him a camera, it really pushed my budget...but since his birthday is coming up in a few days, i figured this would b part of his bday gift too.  But more importantly, i know it will be useful for him when he is doing his graphic design stuff~ sigh bank took a hard hit </3  But he also surprised me with my ipad2!! shit man, these gifts are probably the max amount we will spend in the next lonnng while~ in no way am i trying to brag about anything here, but i just want to write down my feelings and the things that happened, so that in a few years from now, i can still come back and read about it and reminisce like an old lady with my dog on my lap...and hopefully with him still by my side =)

he said he's tired from work when i took this, so it turns out to look like that i'm forcing him or sth...i didn't i didn't i didn'tttt ⊙︿⊙